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The history of Indian theatre is the saga of changing tradition and an account of changing ritualism. Indian theatre is an effort of intensifying the social pattern in perhaps the most aesthetic way.
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The Society holds an Annual Sangeet Sammelan every year which includes 2 evening concerts & 1 morning concert. It also holds spring and monsoon festivals which include an evening of music/dance.

Varsha Ritu Sangeet Sandhya 2019

Date: Saturday, 3rd August, 2019
Venue: Strawberry Fields High School, Newton Hall, Sector 26, Chandigarh

We had a very successful celebration of the rains through music , on the 3rd of August 2019. Aditya Sharma and Jui Dhaygude Pande mesmerised the audience with their presentations of various types of Malhars. The ambience created by the Strawberry fields High school added to the beauty of the concert.

Before commencing the concert, we paid tribute to our senior executive member Sh S D Bhambhri, who left for his heavenly abode , early last month. Indian National Theatre will always remember his contribution towards its
growth and development.

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Varsha Ritu Sangeet Utsav 2018

Date: Saturday, 4th August, 2018
Venue: Strawberry Fields High School, Sector 26, Chandigarh

We had a very beautiful Varsha Ritu Sangeet Sandhya on the 4th evening at Strawberry Fields High School. Anjana Nath presented beautiful compositions in Raag Miyan ki Malhar, Megh Malhar and also sang a rare raag..Meerabai ki Malhar. She concluded with a melodious Kajri in Raag Manj Khamaj , thus presenting a complete flavour of the season. She was accompanied by Paramjit Singh on the tabla and Vinay Mishra on the harmonium. Tarun and Khushpreet accompanied her on the Tanpuras.

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Varsha Ritu Sangeet Utsav 2017

Date: Saturday, 29th July, 2017, at 7.00.p.m
Venue: Jaisukhlal Hathi Sadan, Sector 27, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh

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Concert in Lahore – In collaboration with Sanjan Nagar Institute of Philosophy and Arts (Lahore)

Indian National Theatre President Sh. Navjeevan Khosla, collaborated with Raza Kazim (Director) Sanjan Nagar Institute of Philosophy and Arts presented a Three day Sangeet Sammelan in Lahore from the 7th to the 9th of March, 2014.The Sammelan featured renowned artistes from India and also Sanjan Nagar's in-house artistes, who performed as a prelude to the guests.
The Three Day Programme was as follows:

7th MarchIram Tauqir (Vocal)
Vinita Gupta (Vocal)
Debopriya (Flute)
8th MarchRakae Rehman Jamil (Surbahar)
Piu Sarkhel (Vocal)
Pt. Vidyadhar Vyas (Vocal)
9th MarchNoor Zehra Kazim (Sagar Veena) - (An instrument created by Raza Kazim)
Dr. Kalyani Deshmukh (Vocal)
Accompanists :Avirbhav Verma (Tabla)
Vinod Lele (Tabla)
Vinay Mishra (Harmonium)

It was indeed a memorable experience for all those who participated and witnessed this event. The loving hospitality all the members from India received, was something to be cherished for years to come. Sanjan Nagar Institute which is functioning under Raza Kazim's leadership, is worth a mention.

As quoted in their brochure- "The object of the Institute is to discover and establish through knowledge, reason and verification, a framework of theory and practice in an effort to contribute towards a new and superior civilization emerging in our time"- which was very evident during our visit to the Institute.

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Experience shared by Sh N. Khosla (President, INT Chandigarh) on their visit to Lahore

Varsha Ritu Sangeet Sandhya 2012

Dates: 9th of August ,Thursday,2012, at 6.30.p.m
Venue: Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh

The monsoon treat organised by our society on the 9th of August definitely proved to be a treat not only to the eyes, but also to the well-being of our region, as it brought with it the long awaited monsoon rains! Daksha Mashruwala, an undoubted Orissi dancer 'par excellence' started her recital with a beautifully choreographed invocation to Lord Vishnu in her expression of the 'Dash-avtaar'. She had with her a group of four well trained students, who enhanced the beauty of her entire performance.Her musicians also deserve a special mention..

Vocals: Jatin Sahu
Mardala: G.Ramprasad
Flute: Vijay Tambe
Violin:Agni Mitr Behera

Daksha ji performed for approximately two hours and concluded with a beautiful composition dedicated to the five elements. She also danced to 'Vaishnav jan toh', one of Gandhi ji's favourite bhajans with such abandon..was truly 'Divine!'. We were fortunate enough to have with us well known classical singers from the northern region - Dr.Nivedita Singh, Dr.Alankar Singh and Dr. Gurinder Harnam Singh , who were gracious enough to lend their beautiful voices in the rendition of the bhajan, as a special tribute to Sh. Navjivan Khosla.

This day was a special day for us all, as, it happened to be the 90th birthday of our esteemed President, Sh. Navjivan Khosla, whose contribution to the growth of Indian National Theatre is in-expressible in words! We all pray that the Lord blesses him with a long ,happy ,healthy life ahead !

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Details of the Concerts held year 2011 are as follows:

Varsha Ritu Sangeet Sandhya 2011

INT organized it’s annual Varsha Ritu Sangeet Sandhya in collaboration with Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Academy on the 20th of Aug. 2011, which featured a vocal recital by Smt. Saili Kalyanpur, a leading disciple of Smt. Ashwini Bhide Deshpande, in the auditorium of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Sector 27, Chandigarh.

This is an annual event which is normally organized during the rainy season.