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Music Appreciation Course

(In the lounge of the Aqua marine hotel sector 22, Chandigarh)

Our Music Appreciation Course concluded successfully on the 20th of November 2016.

The first day (18th of November 2016) Introduction to music- brief history of the evolution of music - sound, rhythm- laya, concordant and discordant notes, harmony, melody – the difference between the basics of Indian and western music.

Introduction to the seven shudh swaras and five vikrit swaras – Thaats and evolution of ragas from the thaats . How the different swaras express different emotions and bhaav.

Brief introduction to the evolution of gharanas and a basic information about the popular gharanas (of North Indian classical vocal music) of present times and their representatives.

The speaker of the day was Dr Nivedita Singh .

Day two (19th of November 2016) The different genres of Indian music – light, folk, devotional, semi classical and classical with special reference to the different moods and emotions related to them.

Taal and its importance – the relationship of laya and composition- the different taals used for the different genres of music.

Modulation of sound and how it can enhance the emotional content of a composition.

The speaker of the day was Dr Alankar Singh. We had the good fortune of having Pt.Keshav Talegaonkar from Agra , as part of our audience. He shared some valuable information and experiences with us too.

Day three (20th of November 2016) The different forms of Hindustani classical vocal music: Dhruvpad, Khyaal, Thumri and Dadra - with special reference to khyaal which is most popular in present times.

Aesthetics of music and what to look for in a concert, followed by a concluding performance.

Our speaker for day 3 was Dr Neera Grover.

Our speakers on all three days brought out the basics of music very beautifully, which helped our participants gain a better insight into our classical music. It was a successful event indeed!

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(in Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Academy Auditorium)

Our Music Appreciation Course concluded successfully on the 6th of November 2012.

The first day (3rd of November 2012) started with Vinita Gupta's lecture cum demonstration on the various basic aspects of Hindustani music - sound,naad, shruti, rhythm ,taal, thaats and evolution of ragas; the basics of raga development, alaap, anibadh and nibadh gaan.

Day two(4th of November 2012) featured Dr. Nivedita Singh's lecture-demonstration on the different forms of Hindustani vocal music (classical and semi-classical). She gave an introduction to the development of the raga(vistaar)during its presentation in Khayal gayan. Kanika Mankotia accompanied her on the tanpura.

Day three(5th of November 2012) featured Dr. Alankar Singh giving an insight into the the depiction of different moods through various compositions in khayal gayan and how the various talas help to enhance the depiction of the essence of the lyrics of a composition bringing out the appropriate 'Bhav'.

Sh. N.Khosla (President INT), concluded with a brief insight into what the correct perspective of the listeners should be, as being an integral part of the concert, how they can help make their listening experience more enjoyable; the 'gun' and 'avgun' of musicians; and what to look for in a concert. Gautam Dhar accompanied the speakers on the tabla on all three days.

Day four(6th of November 2012) featured a concluding session by Dr.Deepti Omcherry Bhalla on a comparative discussion cum performance on the two major styles of Indian classical music – Karnatak and Hindustani North Indian vocal music. She was accompanied by N.Padmanabhan on the mrindangam and Gautam Dhar on the table. Kum. Sarika gave her some vocal accompaniment in Hindustani music.

All the four sessions focussed more on vocal music. The course was fairly well attended and the course members went home asking for more! We have some comments by the members for you! Click Here to view comments.

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Oct7th-Oct 9th,2011
(in Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Academy Auditorium)

A three day Music Appreciation Course was conducted by Indian National Theatre in collaboration with Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Academy from the 7th of October to the 9th of October in the Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Academy Auditorium.The idea of holding this course was to enlighten music lovers with little, or no knowledge of music, on the basic concepts of North Indian classical music.

The society had invited eminent vocalists to throw light on 'swar','laya','taal', 'thaat', modulations of voice,presentation of a'raag',various forms of North Indian classical music etc. The speakers included Mrs.Vinita Gupta (Rampur Sadarang Parampara), Dr.Arvind Sharma(Punjab university),Dr.Nivedita Singh(Punjabi university),Sh.Alankar Singh(Punjabi university).

The course was very well received and the positive response of the listeners definitely proved to be a step towards promoting classical music, as that is precisely what Indian National Theatre stands for.

Indian National Theatre has been holding similar courses in the previous years and intends to hold such courses more than once a year on popular demand.

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