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We dedicate our 45th Chandigarh Sangeet Sammelan to revered Khosla ji.
The details of the event are given in the invitation below.

With profound grief we have to inform you that our very dearly respected Sh Navjeevan Khosla is no more.
He had a peaceful passing on the 19th of August 2023.

Om Shanti🙏

Tributes paid to Late Sh. Navjeevan Khosla

Nanjeevan khosla

9.8.1922 – 19.8.2023

Tributes paid to Late Sh. Navjeevan Khosla

1) INT, President, Sh Anil Nehru



A Tribute
A legend passes on.

A combination of enthusiasm, integrity, zest, humour, and dedication to a cause which benefits society, are qualities rarely found today. If words can briefly describe Navjeevan Khosla – then these are a few.

We the beneficiaries of his efforts are fortunate to enjoy the aesthetic experience of the purity of Hindustani classical music which he dearly loved and promoted through INT Chandigarh. Direct and forthright in his manner, he tolerated no populist approach to please others at the cost of diluting the purity of tradition in music.

This tireless effort and zeal drew the best of names across the country who sought a platform here in Chandigarh, some even before they reached the heights of fame in their respective fields.

INT is the beneficiary of his intense guidance and also his magnanimity in leaving a personal sum for this cause.
Navli Uncle as he was known to most, loved people and conversation. Exuding warmth and
hospitality to both young and old alike drew many into his fold of friendship.

The legacy he leaves behind, is to be treasured and preserved. It would be a worthy tribute if lovers of classical music unite in ensuring the continuum of this tradition, just as he would have wished

A Tribute to Sh Navjeevan Khosla by our esteemed President, Sh Anil Nehru

4) Iram from Lahore



Sh Khosla had several admirers in Lahore too.
Below is a letter written to his daughter Vasundhara by Iram from Lahore

Dear Vasu,
You have been extremely lucky and blessed to have had khosla sahib as your father. He was an absolute gem. I have never in my life seen a man with such a fine soul, carrying loads of affection for his family and friends. And we may not even know many others who received his kindness.

He was a man with a mission of love which he tried to pursue through serving music–a means of evolving the spirit and sensitivities of the people of this land, the Sub-continent.

He lived his life in this world with dignity and grace and transcended to the next like a flower that receives the honour of having fallen in the lap of his creator, the most merciful, the most affectionate.

Though I may not have communicated that much with him in these years but he always remained in my heart and mind. My heart will never forget khosla sahib. May his soul rest in peace.

I am sure his spirit will remain alive and will be experiencing a state of ultimate, neverending joy and happiness.

My deepest condolences and lots of luv to you and your whole family.

5) Rashida Ji Lahore



Another one from Lahore

Very painful 😣 and sad news.He was such a wonderful and caring person for all of us.He was like a mentor and brother for Raza sahib and for me. we can’t express our grief and sorrow, it is a big loss for all music lovers please convey our deep sorrow to Vassu.I will call her in couple of days. May God Almighty Grant him Janat ul Fardus.

Rashida ji

6) Media



Tribute 6

7) Atul Khanna



Indian classical music in Chandigarh acquired a distinct life of its own with the great visionary and tireless energy of one of the city’s most committed proponents of the performing arts. Navly Uncle as we fondly addressed him, donned many hats with effortless ease, be it that of a senior bureaucrat, an institution builder, a philosopher and guide or a valued member of the audience. Through his academy of the Indian National Theatre, he brought to the city a rich melange of artists, singers, new and established veterans and a retinue of accompanists of all forms of Indian classical music.

An association that was nurtured since I was a child, the Durga Das Foundation was honoured to be bestowed the opportunity to partner in conducting and organising many cultural events. He was always excited to work with us giving input and suggestions on every aspect of the concert.

For us, much as his physical presence will be missed, we can say with certainty, that he will live on through all the future programmes that we will organise under the banner of the Durga Das Foundation. If there are people who truly leave their footprints in the sands of time, it is someone like him. I do hope the Chandigarh Administration will find a way to honour his memory. His contribution to the city must be etched in golden letters.

– Atul Khanna

And the tributes to him are continuing to pour in..
We , the Indian National Theatre family , will remember him with love and respect for all times to come.

Om Shanti🙏


Latest Event

Our Varsha Ritu Sangeet Sandhya was held on the evening of 9th of August 2023.

Varsha Ritu Sangeet Sandhya was a wonderful celebration of not only the rains but also the 101st Birthday of our esteemed Patron
Sh. Navjeevan Khosla.. through the beautiful compositions presented by our artiste of the evening..Shobha Chaudhury..accompanied beautifully by Paromita Mukherjee ( harmonium)and Jaidev ( tabla).

We were happy to receive a copy of the research work done by Gauripooja Shandilya under the able guidance of
Dr. Nivedita Singh (former HOD Music dept. Panjabi University, Patiala) on the ‘Contribution to Indian classical music by
Indian National Theatre on this day.

Sh Anil Nehru displaying the research work presented by Gauri Pooja, with her guide
Dr. Nivedita Singh as her tribute to Shri Navjeevan Khosla

Varsha Ritu
Sangeet Sandhya August 2023
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Varsha Ritu
Sangeet Sandhya August 2023
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Annual 44th Chandigarh Sangeet Sammelan – 2022

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Welcome to Indian National Theatre

The Indian National Theatre (INT) is a registered society that has been working in and around Chandigarh, towards the promotion and preservation of Indian culture for over four decades.

It was in the year 1977 that Sh N Khosla became the Hony Secretary of the society and put forth his vision for the same, which was to start a Sangeet Sammelan on the same lines as the ‘Hariballabh Sangeet Sammelan’ in Jalandhar. Thus was born the ‘Mini Hariballabh’ so to say, which took off successfully ever since, under the banner of the ‘Chandigarh Sangeet Sammelan’.

A glimpse of his early journey with Indian National Theatre in the capacity of Hony Secretary for over two decades and then as President till his retirement from Presidentship at the age of 98 years…..

A glimpse of the years gone by under the dynamic leadership of Sh N Khosla.

Sh N Khosla’s selfless service to the cause of promoting classical music will always be remembered and cherished by us all.

Sh Anil Nehru has taken over as President now( November 2020) and the society looks forward to a happy journey under his leadership.

Annual Chandigarh Sangeet Sammelans

43rd Sangeet Sammelan

Date: 12, 13 and 14th of November 2021
Venue: Strawberry Fields High School, Newton Hall, Sector 26, Chandigarh.

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Date: 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November 2019
Venue: Strawberry Fields High School, Newton Hall, Sector 26, Chandigarh.

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41st Annual Sangeet Sammelan

Date: 26, 27 and 28th of October 2018
Venue: Strawberry Fields High School, Sector 26, Chandigarh.

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Owing to the pandemic our society could not hold it’s 43rd Chandigarh Sangeet Sammelan in 2021.
Here are the glimpses of Sammelans gone by.

Varsha Ritu Sangeet Sandhyas

Owing to the pandemic our society couldn’t hold it’s annual Sangeet Samelan in 2020.
But we did our virtual (online) Varsha Ritu Sangeet Sandhya and here are a few clips